Lynx in Kamloops neighbourhood caught, taken to wildlife park

Wildlife park caring for lynx

BC Wildlife Park has taken in a lynx that was caught in the Brocklehurst area of Kamloops on Wednesday.

Tracy Reynolds, the animal care manager for the facility, confirmed the feline is now recovering in the park’s care.

The female lynx appears to be young and healthy, but skinny. At this time, Reynolds says they expect to keep her for a few days to run tests and keep her under observation.

In recent days, residents in Brocklehurst, Westsyde and the North Shore have been taking to social media to report sightings of roaming lynx.

According to posts on the Brock and North Shore Watch Facebook group, a lynx was seen Wednesday walking along the North Thompson river near Schubert Drive, as well as other streets in the neighbourhood. 

It’s not known whether the lynx taken to the BC Wildlife Park is the same animal spotted multiple times by Kamloops residents, or whether multiple felines have been in the area.

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