Ribbons of Green Society compiles list of best places to snowshoe in the North Okanagan

List for ribbons of white

The Ribbons of Green Society is going white.

The group of outdoor enthusiasts have compiled a list of snowshoe trails in the North Okanagan so hikers can get out and enjoy all the region has to offer.

The list can be found on the society's website.

Popular local snowshoeing areas include:

“In addition to exploring great trails in the snow, this low-impact aerobic activity offers numerous health benefits: cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, balance, stability, coordination, and improved mental health. Snowshoeing burns more calories than walking at the same pace,” said Ingrid Neumann, Ribbons of Green Trail Society director.

“An activity for all ages and abilities, this low-cost outdoor winter sport is easy to learn. If you don’t own snowshoes, try renting a pair from a local sport store.”

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