Set up checkpoints

Non-essential travel is the directive in British Columbia and other provinces. Why is it then, one can see hundreds of out of province cars driving around the Okanagan? What is the essential “business” attracting these vehicles and their occupants? Entitlement. Just like the high paid politician holidaying in sunny climes. Rules are for others, not them.

Why aren’t authorities setting up check points to question these drivers? Why are they allowed to flaunt the rules? It’s obvious to anyone with eyes in their heads. Look through the cars parked at the malls, at stop lights, driving on the highway and side streets, parked in driveways and parking lots. Look. In plain sight.

Enforce the emergency health edicts, please. Everyone needs to cooperate if we are to gain any control over this terrible pandemic. It’s the least we can do to keep safe health care workers and our elderly. It takes only one idiot to flaunt the rules to cause chaos and death. Only one.

Patrick Olenick, West Kelowna

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