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Dubh Glas, Barrel Rested Gin

Dubh Glas, Rested Gin

Spirit: Barrel Rested Gin

Distillery: Dubh Glas, Oliver

Why drink it? Not to tease, but this exquisite gin is sold out, so you’ll have to find a friend with a stash or get yourself on the distillery’s e-newsletter list so you can jump on the next release, whenever it comes (let’s cross our fingers). Why? This is a perfect sipping gin for the holidays. Version one rested in oak barrels, version two in bourbon barrels. Each takes on a mélange of holiday notes from fruitcake, fresh juniper, and baking spices, with lemon zest and hints of vanilla from the barrel treatment. And yes, it should be sipped, not just used for cocktails. Ask if your local liquor shop has some hidden away, you might get lucky.

Pair with: One of the many fruitcakes or fruitcake-like holiday treats, bonus points if you find a unique recipe – tropical fruitcake, chocolate fruitcake, bourbon fruitcake – or experiment with fruitcake cookies. Find a local bakery that has stollen loaded with marzipan.

Price: $37.50

Music pairing: We Need a Little Christmas, Johnny Mathis

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