Candy Cane Lane has officially come to life for its 10th year in a row

Candy Cane Lane glitters

Candy Cane Lane has lit up Kelowna's Springvalley neighbourhood for its 10th year in a row.

"It's become a tradition out here in Springvalley, and we raise a lot of attention for the Women's Shelter and Freedoms Door," says participant John Sharhon. “It’s just to bring a bit of warmth and happiness to everybody, all ages when they come through.”

More than 60 households have transformed their homes into magical Christmas displays including Sharhon’s, which sits on the corner of Gramiak and Collison roads.

“I’d love if every house was as goofy as mine,” he says. “By doing what I do, it drives the other people to do more…Some of the houses here, four and five years ago, didn’t have hardly any lights on and believe it or not, a lot of them are in their 80s and every year, they go out and buy more and more [lights].”

Last year, Candy Cane Lane raised 12,000 pounds of food to benefit local charities.

“We don’t expect to get the response we’ve gotten in the past, simply because of the times. It’s tougher for everybody,” says Sharhon.

While donations are not required to attend Candy Cane Lane, those wanting to donate a non-perishable food item can drop it off at the lit-up apple bin located on the corner of Collison and Gramiak Road.

Light displays will be running now until Jan. 1 from 5 to 10 p.m. every evening.

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