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Tiger King star 'so close' to presidential pardon

Tiger King 'close' to pardon

Tiger King star Joe Exotic is "very close" to landing a presidential pardon from Donald Trump, which will set him free from jail, according to the reality TV star's lawyer.

Trump's aides have confirmed that a number of pardon requests, including Joe Exotic's, are currently under consideration, and the star's attorney, Eric Love, fully expects his client to walk free.

"We are waiting on the pen to hit the paper, we think we are very, very close," Love tells ABC News.

Exotic, real name Joseph Maldano-Passage, is currently serving a 22-year sentence for a number of offenses, including a murder-for-hire plot against his big cat sanctuary rival Carole Baskin.

He recently posted a note on Instagram from behind bars insisting his stint in prison has made him a better man, stating: "If President Trump grants me this miracle, I can honestly say I am putting everyone connected to that zoo and that industry behind me.

"I am taking the higher road and will work on forgiving them. They've got a much bigger Man and karma to deal with one day than me and God knows everything.

"I will spend every minute of my life making this up to my husband, using my platform to help sick children around the world, the homeless and fighting for change in this justice system."

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