An unusual sight on Okanagan Lake as an electric surfer hangs ten

Electric surfer cruises lake

Rob Gibson

A Kelowna woman captured video evidence of a strange sight on Okanagan Lake last weekend.

No, it's not another alleged sighting of Ogopogo. Bev Holdal tells Castanet she was surprised to see a man in an insulated suit riding an electric surfboard on Okanagan Lake just a couple of days before December.

"I was waiting for him to fall in, but he didn't."

Holdal says she was out for a walk on November 28 when she spotted the unusual sight. "It was such a beautiful afternoon. We walked out to Paul's Tomb and this fellow was tooling around out there on the lake, just going back and forth."

Electric surfboards have been around for years but they have recently become popular again. The boards are powered by a battery and the engine allows the surfer to go where they want even when there are no waves.

The activity is a testament to how warm our weather has been since we got hit with an early blast of snow. Holdal says aside from hoping to see the rider do a splashdown, she was also in awe.

"Pretty gutsy. You couldn't pay me to get me out on the lake at this time of year."

Holdal says she marveled at the sight for a while after taking her video and couldn't believe how peaceful the electric surfer looked.

"It was so calm. He was all by himself, perfectly calm."

A perfect example of lake life in the Okanagan.

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