Kamloops NorthPaws add corner outfielder and power hitter, Joe Sassi to inaugural roaster

NorthPaws add Paw-er hitter

The Kamloops NorthPaws just upped the ante by adding not only an extra defensive layer, but also a power-house hitter in San Jose State University's Joe Sassi. 

Sassi, a corner outfielder from Piedmont, Calif., becomes the latest addition to the NorthPaws inaugural season, joining fellow Spartan teammate, Dalton Bowling

“He’s a guy who will bring big raw power and a strong arm from the infield corner positions,” says head coach Cole Armstrong in a press release. “We’re excited about the potential he brings. We have a lot of guys we expect to see big improvements from during the spring and summer, and Sassi is definitely one of those guys.” 

Sassi put up a 1.000 fielding percentage in high school—a perfect defensive record—alongside a batting average of 0.375.  

The sophomore enjoys the opportunity to play both sides of the ball, as much as he can. 

“I’d describe myself as a right-handed, power-hitting outfielder,” Sassi says in the release. “The West Coast League is a great league. It gives me an opportunity to get in a lot of at-bats during the summer.” 

He was supposed to play in the Expedition League in North Dakota last summer, but due to the pandemic, the season was cancelled, barring him from playing in his first collegiate summer baseball season. 

For Sassi, joining the NorthPaws will be his first venture into Canada, having never lived or travelled here before. 

“One of my teammates at [San Jose] State played a season in Kelowna and he said it was a lot of fun. I’m excited to get up there,” Sassi said.  

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