Revelstoke mayor advises against intentional COVID-19 exposure

Intentional virus exposure?

The town of Revelstoke is reeling after a recent jump in a cluster of COVID-19 cases there grew from from 29 to 46.

On Tuesday Mayor Gary Sulz took to YouTube to urge the community, "it's more imperative than ever for people to follow the protocols."

Sulz says he felt the step was necessary after what he described as disturbing social media posts recently.

"Some social media posts over the weekend were disappointing. (It is) concerning to hear of posts where people want to be exposed to the virus because they feel they are going to build immunity."

Sulz is referring a post on online classified/message site the Stoke List, which sought out a coronavirus-positive person to infect their family. After setting off a firestorm of controversy, the post was deleted.

"Looking for anyone who has tested positive for COVID. We are a healthy family and we would like to safely expose ourselves to the virus to help build our natural immunity," the post said. "Any suggestions on the easiest way to transmit the virus? We were unsuccessful in transmission of our first covid 19 guest and are assuming we will have to use saliva directly."

The anonymous poster also said they are willing to pay to be exposed to COVID-19 and sign off with, "please no hate mail."

Speaking directly to whoever posted the ad, Sulz said Tuesday "you are playing with a loaded gun. That loaded gun may not be pointed at you it may be pointed at your loved ones."

Some Revelstoke residents Castanet spoke to say they are shocked by the sentiment behind the posting and can't believe anyone would willingly expose themselves or their family to COVID-19.

Mayor Sulz implored Revelstoke residents to try and stop the spread of COVID-19, "I encourage you to try and stay away from those we know are COVID-19 positive. Don't put yourself in that situation."

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