Vernon woman shares how her family battled COVID-19

Family shares COVID story

After her entire household tested positive for COVID-19, a Vernon woman is sharing how her family has been recovering from the virus.

Sherrie Erickson, along with her husband and son, tested positive for the novel coronavirus in early November. She says her son didn't feel well one morning, and he subsequently tested positive.

"We were exposed to it through our son, who had contact from someone in Kelowna who was asymptomatic, but to be honest, we really aren't sure how it came to us," says Erickson. "Our doctor told us we were his first patients to come through his practice with COVID."

Erickson says she and her family followed all the public health orders and stayed away from large groups and gatherings, but the virus still managed to find its way into their home.

"We were not exposing ourselves by being in large groups or socializing at all, we wore our masks and were careful," she says. "It is right here in our community."

The Ericksons are now on the mend and out of quarantine. Sherrie says they are slowly getting their energy back after dealing with fever, sweating, chills, headaches, low energy and stomach pain, and she says they still haven't regained their sense of smell or taste.

Along with the physical symptoms, she says there were also panic attacks and anxiety that came along with the virus.

"It was scary, as we never knew what the next symptom might be," says Erickson.

Erickson, 57, and her husband, 67, are able to take their dog for a walk now, but they can only make it to their mailbox before getting too tired. She says they try to walk a bit farther each day, but they just haven't got the energy for that yet.

While the family was in quarantine and fighting the virus, the community stepped up to help them.

"We want to thank our friends and community for how they just stepped up and offered to shop for us – they brought food and called to check in on us," she says. "We are grateful for all the support and kindness this community has to offer."

The Ericksons hope to be back to normal soon, and Sherrie hopes that her story will bring some humanity to the varying perspectives on the pandemic.

"If we have anything to say to residents of our community, it would be to wear a mask and keep your bubble to your own home – don't even blend your family at this point, as they also have their bubble," she says.

"COVID just came through our door one day, and we did not expect it. Be safe, be kind, and be patient with everyone, as we are all in this together."

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