Dr. Bonnie Henry is urging British Columbians to follow her orders, and do the right thing

Henry: 'Onus on all of us'

Provincial health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry says there is a way out of the COVID-19 pandemic, but says it's up to all of us to "do the right thing," in the meantime.

During her Monday afternoon press conference, Dr. Henry says her wish right now is for people to work together, "understanding that we are in this together."

"We need now, more than ever to focus on reducing our risk of transmission...so that we can get to that point where vaccines have come in, where the weather will change again and it will be less transmissible, and we will be able to start those activities again that we hold so dear in our lives," said Henry.

She made the comments while announcing 46 people had died over the past three days from COVID-19, eighty per cent of whom were in the long-term care system, including one who was 103 years old.

"These people have faces, have names, have stories, have families. This tragedy is all of our tragedy," she said.

Henry acknowledged most people in the province are "doing the right thing," when it comes to following health orders to wear masks inside public and retail settings.

"I am grateful for that, and i thank you."

But, following up on a theme from last week when she called out people who were purposely defying those orders, Henry says find an alternative, don't go into stores.

"We have heard people are giving people a hard time again about wearing masks, about not table hopping about staying to six people. These are all things that are important to protect the people that work in that environment as well as us as individuals. The onus really is on us.

"Go out with your family...but follow the rules.

"We see the same thing with the mask mandate. If you are someone who doesn't believe in masks, then don't go to those stores. Don't put other people at risk. Shop online.

"If you are thinking it's OK to bend the rules, please remember this virus takes lives, and it is the lives of those that are closest to us that are most at risk when we take risks."

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