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2018 Ex Nihilo Riesling Estate Ice Wine

Riesling Estate Ice Wine

Wine: Riesling Estate Ice Wine, 2018

Winery: Ex Nihilo, Lake Country

Why drink it? It won’t be long until we reach the few days of sustained freezing weather required for the chilly hand-harvesting of frozen grapes. Carefully picked and pressed in the middle of the night, the result is a luscious treat. For Riesling fans you’ll find some familiar aromas of pear, honey comb, nectarines. The goal with ice wine is to find a balance between sweetness and acidity, and this bottle meets that goal as it starts with lush flavours and body, then ends with a somewhat refreshing finish. Enjoy a small glass on a cold night and say cheers to the crew that ventured into the vineyard to produce it.

Pair with: A classic pairing that contrasts the sweetness is a selection of salty or pungent cheeses, creamy goat cheese included. A savoury version of shortbread cookies –parmesan and thyme – will do nicely. With dessert, choose a crème brulée.

Price: $40

Music pairing: Waiting on a Friend, The Rolling Stones

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