The Critteraid Animal Sanctuary in Summerland is looking for donations to help out a rescue dog with severe dental issues

Rescue dog in need of help

Casey Richardson

The Critteraid Animal Sanctuary in Summerland is helping raise funds for a dog in need of dental surgery.

The couple who adopted her from another rescue centre out in Texas found out she had more health problems than they knew about, and are working to raise money for their sweet girl Candy. 

“She was very, very thin and needed to definitely start healing. But no medical concerns were brought to their attention. It was quickly noticed that her health started to go the wrong way,” Jess Byer, Critteraid animal director said. 

After they brought Candy to her vet, it was determined she was struggling because of severe dental issues that needed to be addressed immediately. 

While the pup remains on medication and is starting to heal, she needs the surgery in order to have a good quality of life. 

“Without surgery, Candy’s life will never be healthy and happy the way that she needs it,” Byer added.

Katie O’Kell, Candy’s owner, has been baking dog biscuits and has raised almost $2300 towards the medical care so far.  

“We are asking for help from the public to raise $2500 towards Candy’s care..with the public help we’re sure we can raise the other half,” Byer said. “We know the public would be willing and happy to help this little girl have her forever life with her wonderful family.

For information on donation options and helping out Candy, check out Critteraid’s website or email Critteraid at [email protected]

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