The Penticton Curling Club extends temporary closure after more members test positive

Four cases at curling club

The Penticton Curling club has extended their closure due to more members of their club testing positive for COVID-19. 

"Right now we have four people test positive, four of our members. We've been closed since we've heard of the first positive case," Chris Jones, the manager of the Penticton Curling Club. 

The club closed on Tuesday night and planned to remain closed until Monday, Nov. 30. Now that more cases have been confirmed, they're extending that until Dec. 7. 

The club is still awaiting further instructions from Interior Health at this time, who they contacted when the first case came out. Jones said he's told members of the curling club that felt sick or showing any symptoms they should be self-isolating. They have also been given that direction from Interior Health (IH). 

"They told me the people would probably would get in touch with me through the club members," Jones said.  "It's kind of frustrating because at this point in time even though the people are testing positive its now I haven't been contacted for the contact tracing because we do track everybody that comes into the club, what day they were there."

"But I know they're busy and they're doing their job, it just make it difficult because we've had no guidance."

Jones added that when the first case was discovered, other individuals had also started to feel sick and he requested that they get tested at that time.

"One case doesn't make an outbreak...but four and possibly more we have have a problem. Thats why we took it upon ourselves to close down as soon as we heard of the first one...Some people could be still asymptomatic too." 

"I can say the people that have tested positive are feeling better." 

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