Montreal-area refuge urges whoever stole Kola the raven to return him

Zoo's raven stolen

Officials at Montreal's Ecomuseum Zoo want their stolen raven returned immediately.

There's still no sign of Kola, a common raven, who was taken during a break-in sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning.

Executive director David Rodrigue said today one or more people broke into the zoo from the rear of the property and cut open a hole in his aviary, either to take him or to allow the bird to flee.

Rodrigue says no other creature was taken or harmed in the break-in.

He says Kola, who arrived from a sanctuary four years ago, requires medication and specialized food preparation, doesn't fly well and is unlikely to survive without proper care.

The zoo, a refuge for animals who can no longer live in the wild, is asking anyone who has Kola return him — no questions asked.

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