Friends that used to work together in the construction industry open a distillery

New Kamloops distillery

Gin and vodka fans will have a new local liquid to try.

Red Bridge Distilling is now producing the pair of potent liquors inside its new craft distillery located at 1445 McGill Road in Unit 11. The doors will open early next month.

Owners Richard Bugera and Dave Nikkel are longtime friends that used to work together in the construction industry. Now, they've built something new.

"Our liking and affinity for gin is kind of what kicked this whole thing off," says Nikkel. 

After taking a course and playing with flavours for over a year, Nikkel and Bugera came up with the ideal Red Bridge blend.  

"Our gin is — I'd say — rather bold in flavour which a lot of other companies don't do. So I think that sets us apart in our gin," explains Bugera. "And our vodka has a very smooth profile."

The duo says the bottles are full of Kamloops pride.

"We worked across the river and both would drive across the red bridge twice a day. It's also quite a unique landmark to Kamloops," Bugera continues. 

Red Bridge Distilling will open the first week of December. Check their Facebook page for the announcement.  

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