Horgan takes on retired MLA Carole James as special adviser

James to advise Horgan

Former Victoria-Beacon Hill NDP MLA Carole James will stay by the premier’s side as a special adviser — at a cost of $1 a year.

“I’m going to pay her the princely sum of $1,” said Horgan after his new cabinet — including six ministers from Vancouver Island — was sworn in Thursday.

“I offered her five bucks for a five-year contract, she said ‘I’ll take it $1 at a time,’ ” said Horgan. “So Carole has agreed to stay on for the next year working with me, and also assisting other ministers and other caucus members.

James, a former party leader, brings not only competence but also compassion and an understanding of the challenges that communities face, Horgan said.

“I’ve got five bucks in my pocket and hopefully we’ll be able to keep her for more than one year,” he said.

James, 62, has been in politics for three decades, holding positions from school board chairperson to Victoria-Beacon Hill MLA, and NDP leader to finance minister and deputy premier. She officially left her job this week when the new caucus and cabinet was sworn in. She announced her retirement this year after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

James and Horgan have a long-time professional and personal friendship and in 2017 he chose her as his deputy minister.

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