Structural repairs to Baxter Bridge near Enderby to be completed today

Bridge closed for last time

Trinity Valley Road, which runs from Enderby to Lumby, is closed at the Baxter bridge for what is expected to be the last day, today.

Work on the bridge has been conducted over the past couple of weeks due to the structural failure of a support truss.

The bridge was reopened earlier this week with weight restrictions in place, but is expected to fully open this afternoon.

"We will need to have closures on Thursday to remove the remainder of the equipment, but we will be able to accommodate the school buses at their usual crossing times," Ministry of Transportation area bridge manager Chad Marsh said in a previous email.

The bridge closed at 9 a.m. for crews to begin work. It will open at noon for all vehicles and pedestrians waiting to cross, and fully reopen at 2:30 p.m.

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