Two cases of phone scammers in Revelstoke in same day

Scammers feign emergency

The 'emergency' scam has resurfaced in Revelstoke.

BC RCMP Cpl. Jesse O’Donaghey is urging the public to “remain extra vigilant” after back-to-back reports of the 'emergency scam,' otherwise known as the 'grandparent scam,' in the Revelstoke area Wednesday.

On Nov. 25 shortly after 10:30 a.m., a Revelstoke resident was targeted by a suspected scammer who posed as a close friend.

“The fraudster, who seemed to be panicked, claimed he was in jail and needed bail money. The suspect further added that he had been in an accident and had been drinking. He requested that the victim e-transfer $2,500 to the man’s lawyer, who supposedly practiced law in the BC Lower Mainland,” said O’Donaghey.

“The victim wired the funds electronically after they received a second call from a person who identified themselves as the friend’s legal counsel.”

Then shortly before noon, Revelstoke RCMP responded to another report of a local resident targeted by the scam.

The resident said he had received an anonymous call from someone posing as his grandson, who claimed he was in jail, in need of money following a drunk driving accident. Fortunately the resident contacted the Revelstoke RCMP non-emergency line and a police dispatcher advised the man not to send any money as the matter was a scam.

Police managed to contact the man’s grandson and ensure his well-being.

“Each of these occurrences, are truly unfortunate situations. Whether the scammer is successful in obtaining funds, or not, these sorts of calls can cause deep concern and be stressful for most,” said O’Donaghey.

“These fraudsters rely on emotional pleas for help and take advantage of a parent or grandparent’s concern for a child or even a close friend's concern for a companion and exploit it to their advantage.”

RCMP in Chase have reported a similar scam in that community.

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