RCMP warn against thieves stealing Christmas gifts from vehicles

Thieves like the holidays

When we go shopping for gifts and bargains, so do thieves.

Police are reminding the public to be careful leaving their Christmas gifts in vehicles, as it can be a prime hunting ground for parking lot thieves.

RCMP will be sending out uniformed and plain clothed officers to try and curb theft, and they are also offering tips to the public to stop holiday Grinches:

  • Lock your doors. This will prevent your car from being a target for a crime of opportunity.
  • Remove valuables from view and personal belongings from your car. This will help prevent your car from being a target.
  • Do not leave any personal identification, mail, or credit cards in your car. This may cause you headaches in the future, as thieves often try to apply for and open additional accounts, credit cards and cash advances in your name.
  • Do not keep a loose garage door opener in your vehicle, as once thieves get into your vehicle and find one, they may try to attend your residential address, armed with your insurance papers to possibly break in and steal more items.
  • Report any suspicious persons or activities in your area to the police. This can lead to the identification of individuals or potential suspects, and prevent and deter crime in your neighbourhood.

If you wish to report a property crime you can contact your local police detachment, or you can remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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