UBC investigating over 100 cases of potential cheating on math midterm

UBC exam cheating probe

The University of British Columbia is investigating more than 100 cases of possible cheating linked to a math midterm test.

Allegations began after a person shared a letter from a UBC professor on Reddit over the weekend, CTV News reports.

"I am extremely disappointed to tell you that there were over 100 cases of cheating," says the message. "We are currently investigating these and, if confirmed, the students involved will receive a 0% for the course (not just the midterm) and I will recommend their expulsion from UBC."

UBC's director of university affairs says school administration is aware of the situation and an investigation is underway.

"All incidents of academic misconduct or suspected academic misconduct (are) investigated, and there is a process that is followed," director Matthew Ramsey told CTV.

Math 100 is all online this semester, and there are 1,500 students enrolled.

"These exams in classes that are online, are delivered online and the university has remote proctoring software that enables faculty and TAs that are monitoring those classes to determine whether there is suspected academic misconduct,” says Ramsey. "It’s an additional program that monitors the students as they write the exams, and enables the faculty and TAs to determine whether there’s any suspicious behaviour that’s occurring."

The dean's office will review any penalties, from warnings to expulsion.

- with files from CTV News Vancouver

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