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Schiff feeling 'much better'

Actor Richard Schiff is still "weak and fatigued" as he continues his battle against COVID-19, but is feeling "so much better" after he was discharged from hospital.

The West Wing star and his wife Sheila Kelley both tested positive for the coronavirus at the start of November, and Schiff was hospitalized as he struggled to breathe.

He has been keeping fans updated online, and last week shared his optimism as he was taken off the oxygen tank, and subsequently allowed to return to his home in Vancouver.

On Monday, Schiff heaped praise on the hospital staff who have continued to keep in touch with their famous patient, and on Tuesday, he offered more details of his road to recovery as he responded to an inquiry from his pal, CNN news anchor Jake Tapper, who checked in on the 65 year old and his wife.

"Hey my friend. We are much, much better," Schiff replied. "Still weak and fatigued and fighting. But so much better. Thank you for asking."

"Such good news. Rooting for you two from DC," Tapper wrote back.

Meanwhile, actress Sheila, who co-stars with her husband on The Good Doctor, has shared her own update with Twitter followers.

"We have been on a strange and harrowing odyssey together. Nothing prepared us for actually having covid," she captioned a selfie of the couple.

"Apparently, I had a mild case. @Richard_Schiff had a medium/severe case. I don't even want to think about what a critical case would feel like. My heart goes out to you."

Production on The Good Doctor has continued in the wake of the pair's health struggle, with the filming schedule being reworked to factor in their temporary absence.

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