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2018 Stag's Hollow Teroldego

Stag's Hollow Teroldego

Wine: Teroldego, 2018

Winery: Stag’s Hollow, Okanagan Falls

Why drink it? What is Teroldego? A bold choice to bring to the Okanagan, to start, as the grape traditionally enjoys the soil and climate of Northern Italy. In the glass, the deep, ink purple is reminiscent of magenta. On the nose, you’ll find a subtle earthiness and vibrant notes of blueberry syrup and blackberry jam. You might think it needs to age, but it is surprisingly drinkable with blueberries continuing from the aromas, cherry pie filling, light minerality, and dusty tannins with refined oak notes on the finish. Think Syrah with a twist; bold indeed.

Pair with: Break out a big, hearty, Italian pasta dish with a thick, meaty sauce. Order in a meat-lover’s pizza with extra sauce and bacon. Take a stab at making your own boeuf bourguignon. Roast or braise fall veggies with a spice blend of cumin, paprika, cardamom, and serve over wild rice.

Price: $42

Music pairing: Time for Me to Fly, REO Speedwagon

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