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Ariana's saucy new song

Ariana Grande has raised eyebrows with her new song 34+35, with fans quick to decipher the meaning of the song's cryptic title.

Shortly after Ariana dropped the new tune - taken from her new album Positions - her followers took to social media to point out that the sum of the two numbers adds up to 69.

"34+35 genuinely made me pause the song and process what she was saying i was like," one person wrote, while another added, "just found out what 34+35 is."

And Ariana also addressed the song title meaning in the outro for the tune, as she sings: "Means I wanna '69" with you / No s**t / Math class / Never was good."

Other raunchy lyrics in the tune include Ariana crooning: "Can you stay up all night? / F*** me 'til the daylight / Thirty-four, thirty-five."

Ariana dropped both 34+35 and Positions, her sixth studio album, on Friday.

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