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Will kids turn back to rock?

AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson wants the group's new album Power Up to rekindle young people's love of rock music.

The Thunderstruck hitmaker is worried that teens may have given up on rock'n'roll in favor of pop and dance music - but has found it heartening to see youngsters sharing social media videos of themselves playing along to AC/DC's latest single Shot in the Dark.

"It's wonderful, they were straight on it!" he tells Music Week. "I hope this whole album generates a new bunch of kids that want to pick up a guitar and make rock 'n' roll so it becomes, not mainstream, but at least played more on radio than it is, let's put it that way. That would be great."

However, AC/DC's new record isn't just designed to get people rocking again - as Brian's favourite song on the album is the more downbeat Through the Mists of Time, which reminds him of fallen bandmate Malcolm Young, who died in 2017.

"It was my favorite right from the start," Brian says of the song. "And I love all the songs on this album so I hate saying 'favorite'. But it's the most memorable one for me. When I first heard it, I just thought of Malcolm and I don't know why, it doesn't mention his name, but it was such a special song. I still get goosebumps when I listen to it."

Power Up is out on Nov. 13.

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