Should the BC Liberals look outside the party for its next leader?

Poll: next BC Liberal leader

The next leader of the BC Liberal party will have to figure out why the party is so popular throughout rural B.C. and the interior and not within Metro Vancouver and on Vancouver Island.

That, according to Kelowna-Lake Country MLA-elect Norm Letnick, one of the senior statesmen within the Liberal caucus.

The party hopes to find that person as it searches for a new leader to replace Andrew Wilkinson, who announced this week he is stepping down after the Liberals lost ground to the governing NDP in Saturday's provincial election.

"What makes us so strong here and gives us 55 to 60 per cent of the votes and makes us not competitive in most of the ridings around Vancouver, is something the candidates for leader are going to have to convince the members of the party they know what that issue is...or, what the secret sauce is," said Letnick.

He says the person that articulates that best will have a good chance to becoming leader or the party, and the next premier.

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