High-risk rapist who once lived in Okanagan completes sentence

High-risk rapist out of jail

A convicted rapist who was previously released to an Okanagan halfway house before he was sent back to jail has completed his 14-year jail sentence.

Brian Abromsimo, who remains a high-risk sex offender, was convicted in 2006 of two horrific rapes and sentenced to 14 years and four months in jail.

In July 2004, Abrosimo gagged and handcuffed a sex worker in the Lower Mainland and sexually assaulted her at gunpoint. The following month, he hit two young girls who were riding bicycles in Langley with his van, and abducted one of them, an 11-year-old girl. He gagged the child, covered her head and sexually assaulted her, before letting her go.

“The victims suffered physical injuries as well as severe emotional and psychological harm,” the Parole Board of Canada noted in its recent decision.

At the time, Abrosimo had an extensive violent criminal record dating back to the 1980s. He had been using crystal meth, and he's since said the drug makes him “rape and commit evil.”

In August 2017, Abrosimo was released from custody on a “one-chance statutory release,” into an Okanagan halfway house. Eleven months into his release, he was taken back into custody after he began making "inappropriate personal and sexual comments to female members" of the halfway house. The Parole Board had determined his risk to reoffend had “elevated to an undue level."

But despite losing his so-called “one-chance” release, he was released again a month later in August 2018 to the same Okanagan halfway house. 

In July 2019, his conditions at the halfway house were relaxed, but the following October, his “one-chance” release was suspended again after he vandalized another halfway house resident's car.

Despite the second suspension of his release, he moved to a Vancouver halfway house in November 2019, prompting a warning to the public from the Vancouver Police Department.

He's breached his release conditions three times in 2020 alone, and in August, he became “emotionally elevated” in his room at his halfway house and threatened to slit his own throat with a knife. As a result of the incident, the Parole Board of Canada officially revoked Abrosimo's statutory release earlier this month. But on Oct. 15, 2020, the 57-year-old Abrosimo completed his 14-year, four-month sentence.

He will now begin his 10-year long-term supervision order, and the Parole Board imposed a residency condition for the first year.

This means he will be required to live in a halfway house, where he will be barred from leaving overnight. It's unclear where Abrosimo will be residing, but he is restricted from going to Abbotsford and Langley.

In addition to the residency condition for the first year, Abrosimo will be under essentially the same release conditions for the 10-year period as his statutory release – the same statutory release that the Parole Board just revoked, due to his “undue risk to society.” In fact, a psychological assessment found he “will likely always be assessed as high risk.”

The Parole Board noted the ongoing impacts Abrosimo's victims continue to suffer to this days.

'They reiterate the daily impact and personal traumas the victim continues to experience as a direct result of the damage you caused. The victim's family express continued frustration.”

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