Video captures lynx wandering through suburban Kamloops

Lynx wanders through Brock

UPDATE: 12:55

The lynx/bobcat may still be in the area, according to conservation officer Mike Sanderson.

"We did have a couple reports today," he says.

However, barring unusual behaviour by the big cat, they won't be investigating, as bobcats and lynx aren't a public safety concern.

"It’s pretty uncommon for a bobcat to be a threat to people," he tells Castanet. "They're more of a threat to pets and livestock."

Conservations officers were alerted to the presence of the cat yesterday, but were busy outside of the city.

Sanderson adds it's uncommon for bobcat and lynx to venture into an area with lots of humans, but reports are more common in areas like Barnhartvale.

"Typically, they’re looking for food if they’re in areas with people," he says, but can't say for sure why this one is in Kamloops.

"They're shy around of people," he quips. "Usually tight lipped."

ORIGINAL: 11:43 a.m.

Are wild animals looking for some ice time?

Probably not, but a bobcat or lynx was spotted near McArthur Island Sunday, wandering through front yards in a dense, suburban area.

In a video captured and shared by Erin Henderson on Facebook, the large cat can be seen slowly walking in the recent snow while a man stands across the road, watching.

"I was like, 'That's one big fricking cat,'" she says in the video. "And I was like, 'What the f**k am I looking at?'"

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