Leger poll indicates half of British Columbians have already voted

Half already voted: poll

On the eve of decision day for British Columbia, a new poll from Leger indicates that the BC NDP appear to be on track for a solid majority government.

The Leger poll released Friday, indicates that out of 1,100 randomly selected respondents, 47 per cent say they support the BC NDP. The BC Liberals have 36 per cent of decided voters and the Greens trail with 14 per cent.
Of those asked, 37 per cent say NDP Leader John Horgan ran the best campaign as opposed to 33 per cent who said they don't know.

The BC NDP led with both males and females in the Lower Mainland and on Vancouver Island. Meanwhile,  the Liberals led in the “rest of B.C.,” where leader Andrew Wilkinson and the party polled at 45 per cent support versus Horgan and the NDP’s 38 per cent.

The Greens leader Sonia Furstenau saw a modest increase in support, moving from 12 per cent to 14 per cent of decided voters. The BC Liberals also saw a steady rise in support from the end of September to early October moving from 31 per cent to 36 per cent. However the BC NDP have also shown strong and continued support throughout the campaign, holding steady at 47 per cent throughout the campaign.  

The poll also indicates that half, 49 per cent of respondents, have already voted.

Only 23 per cent of respondents said they intend to vote in person on election day while 71 per cent indicated they will vote before the election, either by mail or advance poll.

This survey was conducted between Oct. 18 and Oct. 21.

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