Are you currently looking for a new job?

Poll: seeking a new job

Just as the pandemic is fraying much of the economy, it also appears to be fraying the nerves of British Columbians in the workplace.

Survey results from Hays plc reveal nearly half of B.C. workers are tired of their current jobs and wish to move on.

The global recruiting firm found 41% of B.C. employees are ready to leave — the fourth largest proportion of workers after Quebec (54%), Ontario (52%) and Alberta (48%).

The survey was conducted from July 29th to August 5, ahead of the recent cooler months and restrictions on bars and restaurants that have kept more British Columbians at home amid the pandemic.

Despite large of swaths of B.C. workers ready to permanently punch in their timecard, employers on the West Coast a far more optimistic.

The Hays survey finds 74% of them have a positive employment outlook for B.C. compared with 77% in top-rated Ontario and Quebec.

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