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Sicamous man who beat COVID and lost 4 friends to it fed up with disbelievers

Survivor: COVID is real

A Sicamous man recovering from COVID-19 has a message for the disbelievers – the pandemic is real.

"Over the last couple of months, I've heard many varying views surrounding COVID-19. There appears to be somewhat of a divided opinion, on not just the effects COVID has on the body, but to some, whether COVID is even real," Colin Martin posted on the Sicamous Rant & Rave Facebook page.

"What I can say definitively, is COVID is real and is unlike any flu or virus I've ever contracted."

Martin, who says he has lost four friends to the deadly virus, says it attacked his lungs, making it "extremely difficult to breath."

That exacerbated his already heightened anxiety level, but – luckily – Martin recovered quickly.

The situation "went on for roughly four days, and gradually tapered off," he wrote.

"What has become paralyzingly frustrating, is this public dissension we see, where so many feel COVID is a hoax and should be treated as so. Was COVID man made? I do not know. Is it being used by government for some form of clandestine purpose? I do not know. Do face masks help in the prevention of spreading the virus? I do not know. Is there a cure? I don't know that either.

"What I can say conclusively, is four individuals I would characterize as friends were not as lucky as myself, and ultimately succumbed to the effects of the virus."

Martin says those who believe the pandemic is a scam or conspiracy need to give their heads a shake.

"Your attitude is not only a complete slap in the face to those who have lost their lives ... but also to the families these individuals have left behind."

He continues: "Take what risks you're willing to take, do what works for you and your family, but quit with this charade that COVID is a hoax and doesn't exist.

"It's a very unnerving feeling to have a virus when no readily available treatment exists. To lay in a bed unable to breath with thoughts of whether you're going to pull through or not isn't very comforting ... worse (is) listening to people downplay the effects of COVID or whether it is even real."

His post has garnered more than 160 comments and 100-plus likes.

"It horrifies me the amount of verbal abuse being given out by people on both sides. I have been told off by strangers in public both for wearing a mask and for not wearing a mask," said Lori Leanne Heins.

"Thank you for posting this. I am tired of being judged because we choose to wear masks and take precautions," added Leola Goldsmith Walker.

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