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Ozzy blames 'cursed' doll

Ozzy Osbourne is convinced his recent serious health issues are the result of a terrifying encounter with a "cursed" doll.

The Black Sabbath rocker, 71, opened up this year about battling Parkinson's disease and, in his family's new show, The Osbournes Want To Believe, the hitmaker opens up about his experiences with the apparently supernatural toy.

Upon being handed the doll by son Jack, Ozzy throws it to the ground in horror and goes on to admit that several unfortunate things have happened in his life because he had a run-in with the item.

Having suffered an infection in his hand, a fall, a neck injury, and a period of hospitalization, Ozzy - who first encountered the doll during his and Jack's World Detour in 2017 - is convinced the doll has something to do with all his recent health issues.

"So the actual story of Robert the doll is that it is cursed by the spirit of his owner," Jack explains. "If you disrespect him, make fun of him, take a picture without asking or even handle him, you will be cursed and terrible things will begin to happen in your life."

And Ozzy adds that people keep thinking his claims are "a f***ing joke," insisting, "It's bad luck."

He also explained that other people who had purchased the doll would "send them back because things would go wrong in their life."

Jack also seemed convinced about the doll's powers, adding that he got divorced after first encountering the doll. The youngest child of Ozzy and The Talk host Sharon Osbourne split from his ex-wife Lisa Stelly, with whom he shares three kids, in 2018.

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