BC SPCA have rescued 5 squirrel siblings stuck together by tree sap

Baby squirrels need help

The BC SPCA is asking for your help to save a family of squirrels that had to be rescued after their tails became glued together by sap.

According to the BC SPCA website, five squirrels, believed to be siblings, were discovered stuck together by tree sap that had melted in the heat. The BC SPCA rushed to the rescue and found the squirrels in rough shape and unable to free themselves.

A wild animal recovery volunteer in Victoria managed to cut the squirrels free and transport them to Wild ARC for care.

"It took them over an hour to carefully separate the squirrels tails without injuring them further - they had likely been stuck together overnight and had tried chewing themselves free," according to the BC SPCA website.

One of the squirrels did not survive the separation ordeal, three others appear to be recovering nicely, but the fourth squirrel is going to need special care. The BC SPCA is asking for your help to raise money to cover the cost of caring for the remaining four squirrels.

"The care for these squirrels has been intensive and is far from over. These adorable squirrels require food, medical supplies, medicine, enclosure upkeep, and enrichment during their recovery which can be very expensive. You can be part of the recovery of these furry critters by donating to their ongoing medical care, donate to help them today!"   

According to the BC SPCA's senior rehab team the squirrels should be able to live full lives without a portion of their tails. "After long discussions and further research, evidence suggests that this was in fact possible. While squirrels use their tails to help balance themselves, they can adapt well to compensate for the loss of their tails when necessary," according to the website.

As of Wednesday afternoon more than $3,000 has been raised for the squirrels, exceeding the goal of $2,995.

Personal updates on the squirrels will be provided to anyone who donates and once they are fully recovered these squirrels will be released back into the wild.

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