New poll shows BC NDP's lead shrinking slightly

Poll shows lead shrinking

A new poll by the non-profit Angus Reid Institute shows that with under a week remaining before general voting day, the BC NDP's lead appears to be shrinking.

New Democrats continue to lead the BC Liberals but the latest data shows the gap is narrowing slightly.

The poll results suggest that those who have already voted – a group more heavily concentrated in Metro Vancouver and on Vancouver Island – overwhelmingly supported the NDP. But among those who have yet to vote  – more likely to be found in Northern and Interior B.C. and the Fraser Valley – the race is much more competitive, with voters almost evenly divided between the NDP and Liberals.

One theme that has remained consistent throughout this election has been a relative ambivalence towards the parties and their leaders. Just under half, 46 per cent of voters, say they are motivated by a party and what it stands for, the other half, 54 per cent are determined to block a party they don’t like instead. Among those who say they will vote for the BC Liberals, this sentiment rises to seven-in-ten or 71 per cent.

Overall vote intention shows the BC NDP holding a notable, but smaller lead over previous polls. Since last week, support for the BC NDP has dropped four points, 45 per cent now versus 49 per cent last week, while the BC Liberals have picked up two points, 35 per cent versus 33 per cent. The Greens are also up two points to 16 per cent.

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