Who are you voting for in the provincial election?

Poll: who are you voting for?

NDP Leader John Horgan says he's disappointed that a former member of Parliament now running for his party made negative comments about a Liberal.

Nathan Cullen made the remarks about Roy Jones Jr., who is Haida, before an all-candidates meeting last week. His comments were picked up on a live microphone and posted online.

"I've talked to Nathan and expressed my disappointment in his intemperate comments," Horgan said Monday. "He has reached out to community leaders in the northwest."

In the video posted online, Cullen can be heard off camera saying Jones Jr., who is running for the Liberals in the neighbouring constituency of North Coast, isn't well liked in his community before laughing at his nickname, Kinkles.

Cullen, who is the NDP candidate in Stikine, apologized on Twitter for the comments and said he had apologized directly to Jones as well.

While the Haida Nation has accepted Cullen's apology, 10 hereditary chiefs of the Gitxsan Nation released a letter Sunday calling on Horgan to remove Cullen as a candidate.

"Anything less will be a further signal of disrespect to Indigenous people in British Columbia, and inconsistent with our stated commitment to reconciliation," the chiefs say in the letter.

Horgan gave his backing to Cullen on Monday.

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