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Caviar for breakfast?

Ronnie Wood and his four-year-old daughters share an unusual treat when having breakfast - caviar and onions.

The Rolling Stones rocker was once known for his hard living excesses, but has ditched the booze for coffee and is now a doting dad to young twins Alice Rose and Gracie Jane, who he shares with third wife Sally Humphreys.

However, he says he reveals he and his daughters share a vice as they both wolf down luxury caviar most mornings.

"That is my treat. I have it whenever I can, with toast, onions and a boiled egg," he tells British newspaper The Times. "The girls love it. They say, 'Daddy, can we have that black stuff?' I say, 'What black stuff?' And they say, 'You know, caviar!' I say, 'Keep your voices down otherwise everyone will want some.'"

Wood is now selling his $5 million London home to move to the country with his family.

Explaining the decision, the 73-year-old, who has four adult children from previous relationships, adds: "We are selling because we spend more time in the countryside, as the girls go to school there.

"I never used to get up early. Now I do with these little ones; I have to help get them off to school every morning."

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