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Jeff Bridges says he has lymphoma, cites good prognosis

Jeff Bridges has lymphoma

Jeff Bridges says he is being treated for lymphoma and his prognosis is good.

The 70-year-old actor channeled his The Dude character from “The Big Lebowski” in a statement on social media about the diagnosis Monday evening.

He said he understands the disease is serious. He expressed gratitude to his family, friends and medical team and promised to keep fans posted on his recovery.

Bridges is a seven-time Oscar nominee known for his roles in “Starman,” “True Grit,” “The Last Picture Show” and many other films. He won an Academy Award in 2010 for “Crazy Heart” and was most recently nominated for playing a grizzled lawman in “Hell or High Water.”

The affable Bridges is considered Hollywood royalty, the son of actors Lloyd and Dorothy Bridges, who both died in 1998.


Guitars played, designed by Eddie Van Halen go to auction

Eddie's guitars on auction

Two guitars owned, played and partly designed by the late Eddie Van Halen will be going up for auction.

A 2004 EVH Charvel Art Series electric guitar and a customized electric guitar Van Halen built at his home studio with his guitar tech Matt Bruck and given to a friend in 1991 will be among the items for sale at the event dubbed “Icons & Idols Trilogy: Rock ‘N’ Roll,” starting Dec. 5, Julien's Auctions announced Monday.

Both guitars were hand-striped by Van Halen in the familiar style of most of his guitars dating back to the first Van Halen album in 1978. Each of the guitars is expected to fetch between $60,000 and $80,000.

The guitar legend and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer died of cancer on Oct. 6 at age 65.

The auction was in already in the works at the time.

“As we were preparing for our annual ‘Icons & Idols: Rock and Roll’ auction lineup, we were stunned to hear the sad news of Eddie Van Halen’s passing last week,” Julien’s Auction’s president Darren Julien said in a statement. “We are honoured to include at this event two of his iconic guitars from his brilliant and blazing career as one of rock’s greatest and most gifted guitar heroes.”

The auction also includes a Fender Stratocaster played, and smashed, by Kurt Cobain on Nirvana's 1994 In Utero Tour, and a crystal-studded white glove worn by Michael Jackson on the Jackson brothers' 1984 Victory Tour.

Caviar for breakfast?

Ronnie Wood and his four-year-old daughters share an unusual treat when having breakfast - caviar and onions.

The Rolling Stones rocker was once known for his hard living excesses, but has ditched the booze for coffee and is now a doting dad to young twins Alice Rose and Gracie Jane, who he shares with third wife Sally Humphreys.

However, he says he reveals he and his daughters share a vice as they both wolf down luxury caviar most mornings.

"That is my treat. I have it whenever I can, with toast, onions and a boiled egg," he tells British newspaper The Times. "The girls love it. They say, 'Daddy, can we have that black stuff?' I say, 'What black stuff?' And they say, 'You know, caviar!' I say, 'Keep your voices down otherwise everyone will want some.'"

Wood is now selling his $5 million London home to move to the country with his family.

Explaining the decision, the 73-year-old, who has four adult children from previous relationships, adds: "We are selling because we spend more time in the countryside, as the girls go to school there.

"I never used to get up early. Now I do with these little ones; I have to help get them off to school every morning."


Paulina still crying over Ric

Model Paulina Porizkova has opened up on her grief over a year after her husband, The Cars frontman Ric Ocasek, died of natural causes.

The rocker passed away on Sept. 15, 2019, from hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease in his New York apartment while recovering from surgery.

The couple was in the midst of divorce proceedings at the time of his death, but the stars had still been living together at their marital home in New York City - and. as she prepared to move out of the property, Porizkova reflected: "Last two days in my house. It's empty, cold and dirty.

"I've never cried as much as I have in the last year. I was never a crier," she explained in an Instagram post. "In fact, the opposite. I took a lot of care NEVER to be seen crying. This year has shown me I had tears to spare."

The star went on to thank all of her "new insta friends out there in the ether" for their support, but admitting, "I'll take a little time off from gramming - a week? - because I'm at the moment a permanent little gray cloud, and if I'm sick of hearing myself whine, I bet you are too.

"So many people out there with problems larger than mine. But it doesn't make mine hurt less, you know? So, I'll take a moment of not posting now so I can share a little positivity with you all later, and in the meantime, please stay well, wear a mask to protect one another, love you all."

It's been far from plain sailing for Porizkova who, following Ric's passing, reportedly discovered he had purposefully amended his will in the weeks leading up to his passing, accusing her of having "abandoned" him. She officially filed court papers seeking a share of Ocasek's estate, worth at least $5.1 million, in December.

Porizkova wasn't the only family member snubbed in the 75 year old's will - he also appeared to have cut out two of his six sons from a previous relationship.

Musical based on INXS

INXS's music is set to become the backdrop for a new stage musical.

The band has joined the likes of ABBA, Alanis Morissette, Billy Joel, and Queen, whose music has inspired the stageshows Mamma Mia!, Jagged Little Pill, Moving Out, and We Will Rock You, respectively.

INXS' longtime manager Chris Murphy is developing the new production with music label executives at Universal and Warner Chappell and Australian producer Michael Cassel, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

"If all goes to plan, we could have a table reading with actors in Sydney sometime in early 2021," Cassel, the man responsible for bringing shows like The Lion King and Hamilton to Australia, says. "The potential for this is huge. INXS were a true global supergroup and the appeal of their music still stands today.

"It's now a matter of coming up with a story which can draw inspiration from those songs in a new and compelling way."

INXS became a global phenomenon in the 1980s and 1990s with hits like Original Sin, Never Tear Us Apart, Mystify, and New Sensation, but their success was cut short by the suicide of frontman Michael Hutchence in November, 1997.

Kanye West blasts SNL

Kanye West has blasted Saturday Night Live writers for using black comedians and guests to hold African-Americans back after he became the butt of a skit featuring Issa Rae over the weekend.

The Insecure star, who was hosting the show, appeared in a sketch as a lawyer representing civil rights group the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People on a morning talk show.

When asked about the political candidates she favors in the upcoming U.S. state and major elections, her character said she was "voting for everybody black", adding, "For too long, our people's voices have not been heard. It's our duty to stand together and take our power back."

In the scene, she stood up for a black Republican billionaire, an inexperienced first-time politician, and two crazy out-of-work women attempting to run on the same ticket, but when SNL regular Kenan Thompson, who was playing the show's anchor, said, "When we come back, we'll talk about the presidential race between Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and Kanye West", Rae's character responded, "Kanye? F him!"

West, who is running as an independent presidential candidate, didn't find the sketch funny and took to Twitter to respond, taking aim at SNL's writers and regulars for attacking black cultural figures on the show.

"Ive (sic) always said SNL uses black people to hold other black people back," he wrote. "My heart goes out to Issa Rae. I'm praying for her and her family.

"I know that the twenty years of service that I've paid in the entertainment field has furthered our ability to be more successful."

He also posted a screenshot of a Google search for Rae, suggesting her career has been aided by his success.

His tweet comes a day after Kanye released new song Nah Nah Nah, in which he raps about his bid to become the next President of the United States.

Cardi B deactivates Twitter

Cardi B has shut down her Twitter account after blasting trolls and fans for criticizing her reunion with Offset.

Before ditching the micro-blogging site, the WAP hitmaker took to her Instagram Live to attack those who have poured scorn on her reconciliation with the Migos rapper a month after filing for divorce.

"A whole bunch of 15-year-olds telling me how to live my life like I'm mother f**king Ariana Grande or something. Like I came from Disney or something," Cardi snarled.

"I'm so tired of people saying I've got to continuously explain myself. I didn't put my divorce out there, a f**king court clerk put it out there, and because people are making rumors up, 'Oh, this guy has a girl pregnant', I have to address it."

She also attacked fans who have turned on her husband: "Then you guys want to be harassing this n**ga. Bro, if I work things out, why are you going to this n**ga's Twitter to harass him? That don't make no f**king sense.

"Y'all want to call yourself fans, I don't give a f**k. I'm tired of it. I do whatever the f**k I want to do. I love my fans and I'm grateful and thankful for what you do but some of y'all really be acting like I be sleeping with y'all. Offset is not the only f**king problem that I deal with. To be honest with you, my marriage is one of the least worries that I have right now."

The couple reconciled over Cardi's birthday weekend and were spotted kissing and hugging in a series of photographs. Days later, the Bodak Yellow hitmaker confirmed they were back together, stating: "One day I'm happy, the next day I wanna beat a n**ga up... Then it's like, I start missing. It's really hard not to talk to your best friend. It's really hard to have no d**k."

Miley's dog OK after shock

Miley Cyrus' dog had a lucky escape on the set of The Voice after the pup was electrocuted.

The 27-year-old Midnight Sky hitmaker told The Geena the Latina and Frankie V Morning Show her pet, named Little Dog, had an accident during her first day on the set of the singing competition.

"This is sad, but it was handled and my dog is totally thriving and fine," she said, explaining Little Dog was caught biting into some wires while she was taping the show.

"You know on sets there's, like, wires everywhere. We got all the people singing, everyone is huddled around, like, 'Who's going to win The Voice?' And my dog goes and bites on to the wires of the TV everyone's watching and all of a sudden, we notice she's convulsing and she's getting electrocuted," Miley recalled.

She went on to explain, "You can't open her mouth because the person who's trying to open her mouth is also being electrocuted. But she was totally fine."

Meanwhile, Miley, who was a coach on the TV singing contest for seasons 11 and 13 in 2016 and 2017, delivered a powerful cover of the Cranberries' Zombie during her three-song set from Los Angeles' Whisky A Go-Go as part of the Save Our Stages Festival virtual benefit in support of independent music venues over the weekend.

Miley also performed Midnight Sky and a rendition of The Cure's Boys Don't Cry.

She has made a name for herself in recent weeks covering a host of hits during livestream gigs - her virtual sets have included songs by Pearl Jam, Hall and Oates, the Beatles, and Britney Spears, while she covered Blondie's Heart of Glass live at the iHeartRadio Music Festival.

The #SOSFest also featured sets by Foo Fighters and Phoebe Bridgers at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, Brittany Howard at Nashville, Tennessee's Ryman Auditorium, and The Roots at New York's Apollo Theater.

Bieber almost pulled single

Justin Bieber doubted whether he should release latest single Lonely because he's "never been this raw" on a song before.

The emotional new track was recorded with Benny Blanco and Billie Eilish's brother and collaborator Finneas, with its lyrics addressing the star's journey to stardom and his mental health issues early in his career.

According to Benny, the track was recorded earlier this year, before the pandemic, but Justin almost didn't go through with releasing the single because he couldn't get through recording the emotional tune.

"I've been in the studio with Justin when we're singing the song down and he can't get through it," he tells Zane Lowe on Apple Music. "He was real nervous. He was like, 'S**t. Should I be putting this out into the world?'"

"He's raw on this song. This song brought us so much closer together. And it was just he's really opening up on this and he's super vulnerable. And he was like, 'Look, I don't know what people are going to think about this'."

As Justin battled his doubts, Benny assured his pal it's OK to show a different side to his personality and be open about his experience.

"There's this weird stigma and this thing where men are supposed to be like (a superhero). And it's like, 'No, I want to be vulnerable. I want to cry. I want to have a good cry'," he continued.

The single, which was released on Friday, became even more significant in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, and Benny added it "took on a whole new meaning."

"Everyone's lived in this different life and it doesn't matter," he said. "We've seen all different types of people. We've seen athletes, actors, actors that had Covid. Covid isn't scared of anyone. It's coming after anyone. And it's like we're all in this pandemic and everybody's in it together.

Grande sets release date

Ariana Grande will release her new album Positions on Oct. 30, according to the star's latest Instagram post.

Shortly after teasing the name of the record on her social media pages, the 7 Rings singer shared two countdown timers along with the word 'Positions', leading fans to believe it's the title of her new single and album.

Positions, the single, will drop next Friday, Oct. 23, according to the ticker, with the full album expected to debut on streaming and download platforms exactly one week later.

The hitmaker's latest LP will mark the third album Ariana has released in the past three years - following Sweetener in 2018 and Thank U, Next last year.

Ariana surprised followers with a simple message on social media on Wednesday, Oct. 14, letting them know her latest new music will drop sooner than expected.

"i can't wait to give u my album this month," she tweeted. Meanwhile, collaborator Tayla Parx recently revealed the pair hooked up during the coronavirus lockdown, teasing: "We just kind of let it happen naturally, same way as the last album."

Cruise an honorary aviator

Tom Cruise and producer Jerry Bruckheimer have been named honorary naval aviators for their movie fighter flights in Top Gun.

Cruise starred in the producer's classic 1986 movie and is also fronting the sequel, Top Gun: Maverick. Now, the duo are officially part of the United States Navy, thanks to their on-screen depiction of fighter planes blazing through the skies.

"In the history of motion pictures, there is not a more iconic aviation movie than the 1986 Paramount Pictures film Top Gun," Naval Air Forces representatives stated of awarding the honours. "Its characters, dialogue, and imagery are ingrained in the minds of an entire generation of Americans.

"The movie captured the hearts of millions, making a profound positive impact on recruiting for naval aviation."

Cruise and Bruckheimer were awarded with their new certificates by U.S. Navy Commander of Naval Air Forces Vice Admiral DeWolfe Miller III during a ceremony held at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles.

Tom became the 35th honorary naval aviator at the event via a video call, while Jerry attended the gathering in person to accept his honour as the 36th.

Top Gun centres around the adventures of Tom's character, Lt. Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell, at an elite U.S. Navy pilot school for fighter weapons.

Top Gun: Maverick, the sequel to the beloved film, is set for release next year.

Suvari expecting first child

Actress Mena Suvari is pregnant.

The 41-year-old American Beauty star is expecting her first child with husband Michael Hope, revealing the couple's son is due in the spring.

Sharing the baby news with People on Friday, Mena said, "It's all I ever wanted for years! It's still this process for me of believing it and accepting that something this beautiful could happen for me. It's been a very emotional experience. It's very weird finding out. I was like, 'I can't believe it!'

Suvari explained she and her husband of two years have been trying to conceive for some time.

"I was recording my temperature every morning and peeing on these ovulation sticks," she added. "You expect that it'll happen and it didn't. I got to this place where I felt overwhelmed and stressed out. I'm 41 and there's this air of like, 'I've got one foot in the grave and good luck.'

"I was like, 'I can't do this anymore. I'm so tired of stressing over this'. I was trying to feel like if it's meant, it's meant. I was being really open, like the Aquarian that I am..."

She found out she was pregnant when she returned to work after coronavirus restrictions were lifted.

"At first I thought I was having jet lag because I'm really sensitive," Suvari said. "By the end of July, I had a couple of other symptoms and I decided to take a test and there it was. It was a huge surprise, an absolute miracle!

"It was something that we've always wanted, but a couple months before, I had stopped calculating. I pulled back and let go, which apparently they say that that's when it happens."

Mena met Hope, her third husband, on the set of 2016 TV movie I'll Be Home For Christmas. She was previously married to cinematographer Robert Brinkmann and concert promoter Simone Sestito.

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