Traffic enforcement lacking

Lately, I have read dozens of articles  and complaints about loud and speeding drivers in Kelowna. In other words, no traffic control is going on. I was hoping to hear what is going to be done about this problem from are candidates running for the BC Election. So far I’ve head nothing.

After doing some digging, I was told that the problem is due to lack of police funding from the provincial government. This means that people might want to write letters to the provincial government instead of the RCMP. They are underfunded.

The problem of speeding drivers and loud cars is getting worse in the past couple of years. I live near an intersection and even the most expensive noise cancelling headphones aren’t working, plus the vibrations come from the road into my house.

The worse part is that many of these same cars are speeding. I’ve seen people speed over a 100 miles an hour down Springfield. We need better law enforcement on our roads!

Debbie Belair, Kelowna

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