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The BC Urban Mayor's Caucus has injected itself into the provincial election campaign.

The mayors, representing the 13 largest cities in the province, held a news conference Wednesday outlining four priorities it would like each political party to include in their election platforms.

These include mental health, substance use and treatment, affordable housing, public transit and a new fiscal relationship.

Caucus co-chair Lisa Helps, mayor of Victoria, said urban communities are facing unique challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and want to work with the next government in addressing these issues.

"In this election, we are asking all parties to commit working with leaders from urban B.C. communities to address the issues we face today, while we plan for the restored prosperity and growth that will eventually emerge as we recover from this pandemic," said Helps.

"Moreover, putting our cities on a strong path to recovery will also help to support smaller, neighbouring rural communities in B.C. as a whole."

The four priorities outlined Wednesday call for specific action to be taken.

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