Do you support the BC Liberal plan to temporarily eliminate, then reduce the PST?

Poll: Liberal PST reduction

The B.C. Liberals say they will temporarily reduce and eliminate the Provincial Sales Tax to help the economy recover during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson announced Monday a plan that would completely eliminate the PST for one year, followed by cutting it to three per cent in year two “until the economy recovers.”

“British Columbians have lost confidence in the direction of the province and the weak economic record of the NDP. B.C. families and small businesses need help now, which is why a BC Liberal government will immediately eliminate the PST for one year — saving you money right away, getting more people working, and bringing investment back to B.C.,” said Wilkinson in a news release. 

The Liberals have continued their attacks on the NDP over Premier John Horgan’s snap election call, something they call “an attempted power grab.”

“Countless people are still out of work, small businesses are facing bankruptcy, and the public health threat from COVID-19 is still very real,” added Wilkinson. “Eliminating PST puts more money in people’s pockets, stimulates growth for struggling small business, and helps British Columbians who are struggling to get by. This is a vital step to rebuild our economy.”

The party says their plan would save a family of four earning $120,000 a year will save $1,714 in the first year, followed by $979 in the second year.

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