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2019 Ti Amo Hester Creek Sparkling

Hester Creek Sparkling

Wine: Ti Amo (sparkling), 2019

Winery: Hester Creek, Oliver

Why drink it? The first sparkling wine to come from Hester, this “I love you” bottle is an enticing prosecco-style blend of Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, and a touch of Semillon with fruitiness highlighted from sniff to sip. The aromatic elements of the grapes shine through with spring meadow scents blended with tart apples and pear, and a bit of honey. Pear makes its presence more known in the flavours, with some sweetness and light notes of citrus. A fresh and light bubbly that can join the winery’s Character red and white blends as a house wine to keep on hand.

Pair with: Bubbly can be enjoyed with almost anything. Pastries featuring stone fruits, perhaps a peach pie or an apple turnover will be very enjoyable, but of you can’t wait for dessert, pour a glass with light seafood appetizers. Smoked salmon on a cracker topped with a mild creamy cheese and fresh dill.

Price: $19

Music pairing: My One Desire, Stray Cats


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