Tips to keep spiders out of your home

Influx of spiders

Casey Richardson

“It’s just been an unreal year for spiders in general.”

Black widows and other spiders have been showing up in full force this year, with Okanagan residents reporting many in their homes.

“Sometimes insect population have peaks and valleys as the years go on,” Oshoowa Doorn, a Pest Control Technician for Pest Detective said, adding that he’s received many more calls for help this year. 

As the weather turns colder, more unwelcome guests will be looking for a warm place to hide out. It can be easy to accidentally bring them in without knowing it. 

Doorn suggests checking everything you bring into the house, making sure there’s no sign of spiders or egg sacks. Especially if you’ve taken in items that have been sitting outside or in a shed or garage. 

“Making sure if you’re going into your shed, try wearing a pair of gloves,” he said. “And making sure you’re not disturbing webs.”

Keep the area around the home clear of wood piles and debris and the grass cut short, places where spiders are likely to hang out. 

Also, eliminate bugs around the property that spiders will feast on and check to make sure there’s no ant hills or colonies. Once the food source is gone, spiders are likely to leave to find a better place to hunt. 

“The best thing people can do is get a treatment with a residual product around your house to put a barrier between the living space and outside world,” Doorn said. He reports having a lot less pest calls from houses that prepared with the spray in spring versus those that didn’t. 

If a spider does get in, pest control recommends catch and release outdoors or killing it with a flyswatter to keep your distance.

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