How do you plan on voting in the provincial election?

Poll: BC voting intentions

British Columbians will be going to the polls October 24, pandemic or no pandemic.

Premier John Horgan confirmed Monday what had been speculated for the past two weeks: That he will capitalize on his high approval rating, and the weakness of the Greens and Liberals, to secure a majority for his NDP government.

He said he has met with the lieutenant governor this morning and received assent to call a general election.

"I want everyone to know I have struggled mightily with this decision, and it did not come easy to me," Horgan said. 

He cited the COVID-19 pandemic, and the need to address it, as one of the reasons for calling an early election.

"This pandemic will be with us for a year or more, and that's why I believe we need to have an election now," Horgan said. "We can either delay that decision and create uncertainty and instablility over the next 12 months -- more speculation, more talk about what might be -- or we can do what I believe is always the right thing and that's ask British Columbians what they think."

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