Horoscope: Sept. 20-26


People feeling restless or out of sorts need to look for the cause. Some of this is imagination or lack of sleep.

This could spill over into the office where others will ask awkward questions. Don’t expect more from them than they are able to give, including emotional support.

Avoid forcing any issues or getting in each others faces; seek cooperation or at least meet part way. Go it alone if things become too tense. Investigate further. Power plays backfire.

Those with proper authority should step in the middle to settle things if needed.

Decisions are made regarding locations and who will move. Don’t fight the inevitable.

ARIES: Word your intentions in a way that won’t put off those you need in your support system.

TAURUS: Take more control over matters related to distance. Pull some strings behind scenes.

GEMINI: Stall or sidestep any showdowns with those who do not have all the facts or evidence.

CANCER: Your position is challenged to some degree, so be sure you organize everything now.

LEO: Make decisions regarding occupation and location. Consider your other abilities or talents.

VIRGO: Settle financial matters or how things will be taken care of in alternate ways. Check it.

LIBRA: Separate to keep the peace even if this is temporary. Have a neutral person help you.

SCORPIO: What you say or do turns things in a direction that others can get behind. Join up

SAGITTARIUS: Discuss details with those in position to handle them properly. Avoid contention.

CAPRICORN: Clarify where you stand or your area of expertise. Some control issues to handle.

AQUARIUS: Much goes on behind the scenes. Meet with those who have the proper influence.

PISCES: Others temporarily have more power than they are entitled to. Work with circumstance.

Horoscope: Sept. 13-19


An emotional deadline can cause some to want to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Instead, try a softer approach in case there is something that can be salvaged if you change your mind. Others may not see the situation the same way you do.

Bring treats to hand out; there is a subtle power shift going on and this will turn out to be a better fit in the long run; adapt.

Some have been out of their depth. Jealous hissy fits will pass.

Leadership choices become a natural selection process under the new moon; assume the role. If a move is
necessary, get it organized; in some cases, it could take a lot longer than originally planned for.

ARIES: Changes with income or financial structure can turn out better than anticipated. Adjust.

TAURUS: Secure your base or that of loved ones. Some of this may need to be over distance.

GEMINI: Information requires explanation or support from others who have access to the facts.

CANCER: Financial changes could be tied to locations or head quarters. Discuss arrangements.

LEO: Luck is on your side regarding occupation or what you really want to do. Doors open now.

VIRGO: Wishes can come true in unexpected ways. Have faith in the process you work with.

LIBRA: Private talks will help you decide how much you want to be involved or where you stand.

SCORPIO: You find out information that comes in handy when you have to deal with players.

SAGITTARIUS: Private or powerful sources of income are available now. Your status is secure.

CAPRICORN: You benefit from others’ resources or assets. They like your sense of duty, etc.

AQUARIUS: Its important to keep your level of influence behind the scenes private for now.

PISCES: Join forces with influential individuals. Success increases when all work together.

Horoscope: Sept. 6-12


Watch how much emotion is expressed in comments.

It is likely to be the result of being overtired or out of sorts. Others may feel they did something wrong when they did not.

Sit back and chill out a bit at home or work. Try not to imagine what others are thinking over all this; just ask.

Things will calm down or level out to the satisfaction of all involved. Some just enjoy the emotional exercise.

Think about future travel and make adjustments to fit current circumstances. Most matters can be handled over long distance, so take your time.

No need to disturb the neighbourhood so take your time with any actions. Going with the flow works best.

ARIES: You feel confident that your status is on the rise. Handle steps independently or out of sight.

TAURUS: Make sure you take the time to explain things carefully. Others seem to be distracted.

GEMINI: You have good luck attached to others resources or assets. Wheel and deal or exchange.

CANCER: Handle private matters over distance. Those in authority may need to step in to help.

LEO: Others see your worth and want to show it by supporting and increase in income or position.

VIRGO: Enjoy some down time with someone special or do things you have wanted to do before.

LIBRA: Visit secluded or out-of-the way places. It works just as well to create a retreat to relax. 

SCORPIO: Others look to you for inspiration or to act as leader. They know you have the record.

SAGITTARIUS: Your star is on the rise. This can bring an increase in income or a new source.

CAPRICORN: Demonstrate your knowledge or expertise to interested parties. Discuss needs.

AQUARIUS: Arrangements in private need to be kept that way for now. You hold the reins, etc.

PISCES: Others find you interesting or engaging and seek your input with what they are doing.


Horoscope: Aug. 30-Sept. 5


Sort out your feelings to see if what you think is justified or if it’s a form or jealousy.

This can affect the workplace or personal relationships. If you are not sure where others stand, just ask; they may not be aware of what is bothering you.

Eavesdropping on others’ conversations can cause suspicion if it is misinterpreted, so check the facts before reacting.

Separate things into their own category or time line of activity; it’s better to be organized.

The full moon in Pisces will highlight secrets and illusions; collect evidence or interview witnesses.

Seek a spiritual path and lighten up; all of this will pass or be adjusted as situations evolve in natural order.

ARIES: Confidential plans need to be kept that way a little longer. Others show their hidden agenda.

TAURUS: The full moon connects you with those who have inside information that you can use now.

GEMINI: Discuss deals or secrets related to the past. Others have trouble knowing where you stand.

CANCER: Tension or misunderstandings need to be clarified. Don’t force your own agenda too hard.

LEO: Sort out what you want to do compared with what is required now. There is a choice to make.

VIRGO: Those in positions of authority have the final say in what is being arranged and how it’s done.

LIBRA: Meet with others in secret even if the location is strange or dangerous. Follow certain rules.

SCORPIO: Looks exchanged relay a message that other are not supposed to see. Show no reaction.

SAGITTARIUS: Your position is strong now so keep control of what is going on. Take care financially.

CAPRICORN: Others provide information you can use in more than one area. Sort who does what.

AQUARIUS: Take a firm stand only if you have the facts to back it up. Positions need clarification.

PISCES: The full moon in your sign makes you specially alluring. Ask for what you really want now.

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