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2018 CedarCreek Pinot Noir Clonal Series

Pinot Noir Clonal Series

Wine: Pinot Noir Clonal Series, 2018

Winery: CedarCreek, Kelowna

Why drink it? Why not have three bottles of Pinot Noir instead of one? CedarCreek has put together three pinots from three different clones – 115, 667, 777 – for the wine geek in all of us, or those wanting to try some casual wine education at home this fall. Clones may be the same varietal, but each clone has different elements, making each wine unique. Clone 115 has more floral flecks on the nose; 667 brings out dark fruits and plums on the palate; 777 leans toward bolder cherry and currant flavours and has more weight than its siblings. All are reminiscent of French pinots with an Okanagan twist.

Pair with: A good selection of charcuterie so you can try each wine with different meats, cheeses, nuts, and dried fruits to see which bottle pairs best with different bites, and which item on the plate brings out your favourite character of each wine. Have a good Zoom debate with fellow wine pals.

Price: $135 (three bottles)

Music pairing: Knock Three Times, Tony Orlando and Dawn

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