As daily case counts rise, should BC tighten COVID restrictions?

Poll: COVID restrictions?

More than a third of British Columbians say they would like the government to impose tighter restrictions to dampen the transmission of COVID-19.

That’s according to a recent Angus Reid Institute poll, which found 38% of B.C. residents feel that restrictions “don’t go far enough.” Another 48% say the restrictions have been “about right.” 

Across Canada, the pollster found only Manitobans (40%) felt more needed to be done to tamp down the virus.

Residents of Quebec and Alberta, on the other hand, were the most likely to say their provinces’ restrictions were too harsh.

Men over 55 were more likely to disagree with strict public health measures.

When asked about their opinion on the performance of their premier, British Columbia (74%), Quebec (74%) and Ontario (75%) had the most favourable view of their leaders. 

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