Your thoughts on Walmart now requiring face coverings

Wearing a mask at Walmart

All Walmart locations across Canada now require customers to wear face coverings when entering the stores, Castanet asked customers at the Kelowna location what they think of the new rule.

"Actually I think it's probably a really good idea," one shopper said. "We've got an outbreak. You know, the virus is in control, not people."

Another pair who were unaware of the new rule said while exiting the store, "We don't normally wear masks...chances are we won't be coming back." 

"Theres so much different information out there, even from the professional doctors. Some are supporting it, some aren't, so as far as myself, I prefer not to wear a mask."

For a different shopper, the new rule is the reason he shops at Walmart.

"I think people are underestimating COVID," he said. "They (Walmart) are more safety conscious and other stores are not, so I stopped going to my regular stores. I never used to come to Walmart."

Walmart says they trust customers will respect and follow the new policy by bringing their own face coverings to the stores. Those who enter without a mask are provided a free one at the door.

A Walmart employee tells Castanet that while they are providing masks, some exceptions are made for those with health conditions. Those who refuse to wear a mask for this reason will not be forced to.

What do you think of this new rule? Send your thoughts to [email protected]

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