Do you floss your teeth daily?

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Health care has long been regarded as a source of pride for many Canadians.

The fact that most of us share the same language as residents of the United States has led to many social media threads where Canadians joyfully point out the benefits of a universal system.

In recent years, there have been hints at bringing dental well-being fully under Canada’s health-care umbrella. Visiting a dentist can be expensive and cumbersome, especially at a time when more Canadians are working on their own and can no longer rely on the plans provided by large companies or universities.

Research Co. and Glacier Media recently had a conversation with Canadians about dental health and found that we are lacking in two areas: a proper assessment of what is going on inside our mouths and a lack of discipline to take care of ourselves. As expected, there are significant differences in gender and age as far as our teeth are concerned.

Just over one in four Canadians (26%) did not visit the dentist over the past year. This includes 33% of residents of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, 30% of Quebecers and 35% of those in the lowest household income bracket. Almost two-thirds of Canadians (64%) went to the dentist once or twice over the past 12 months, while 10% had to be on the chair three or more times.

When it comes to following the advice of our dentist, the numbers are disheartening.

Across the country, only 17% of Canadians say they brush their teeth “three times a day or more.” A majority (55%) claim to brush twice a day, and about three in 10 (29%) brush once a day or less.

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