Random note on Alberta car, leaves driver positively pleased

Positive note on Alberta car

A random act of kindness leads to a bit of hope in these troubling times. 

Jessica Shmigelsky found a kind, welcoming note on her rental car with Alberta plates while visiting Rotary Beach in Kelowna last Tuesday. 

"At first we thought it would be a sh*tty note, but it was completely opposite. Our hearts are full, and this restores all sorts of faith in humanity," wrote Shmigelsky on a Facebook post. "Thank you to the kind stranger who made our day!"

The note that was placed on the windshield was a heart-shaped blue paper, which read “We’re glad you’re here in B.C. with us. Welcome. #FellowCanadians.”

The Edmonton resident says she was a bit worried about visiting the Okanagan. 

"Before we came to Kelowna, we heard about the vandalism to vehicles with Alberta license plates." 

Across the Valley, drivers have noticed a bit of red plate rage with lug nuts allegedly being removed, windows being smashed and cars even getting keyed. 

Two fellow Albertans commented on the post saying they too had a positive experience.

"My week in Kelowna earlier in July we received nothing but gracious welcomes. I was truly nervous as I heard the same," wrote Skoht Pringle. 

Sarah Danielle Wilson commented, "we also had a great time in BC! Everyone was glad we were there!"

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