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Luke Bryan corn catastrophe

Luke Bryan is having major regrets after planting corn on his farm, because it's costing him a fortune.

The country singer recently posted a video of himself struggling to carry a bucket of corn across a field, urging fans not to follow his lead - and now he admits he wishes he had listened to his peanut farmer father, who urged him to think twice before planting the crop.

"I called my dad, and I'm like, 'Dad, I wanna plant a big plot of sweet corn'," Bryan tells Taste of Country. "He's like, 'How big?' I told him, like, four or five acres. He said, 'Son, you're an idiot. You won't even know what to do with that much sweet corn.'"

Undeterred, the singer and his nephew Til planted the corn and Luke quickly regretted the decision: "It's almost like when you plant something like that, you don't know what problem you're creating," he explains.

"I bought a tractor, a tiller, a planter, a plow, fertilizer... (but) essentially, it was a money-losing endeavor... I think I've only sold about $1,100 worth of sweet corn. So I'm about $30,000 in the hole on this farming operation."

He's not the only country star who has planted the vegetable during the pandemic - Blake Shelton has also become a corn cropper on his Oklahoma ranch.

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